Projects Jonathan Boulenaz

Digital Shutter

Digital Shutter propose an option that is useful for moments of minimized attention – In situations where the user is not actively looking at the television, but still wants to receive a minimum of information about what is happening in his or her program. To activate this option the user simply has to make a gesture that is similar to what we do when we pull down a shutter. This gesture activates a mask that rearranges the pixels from the live feed into a more abstract fluid moving image. The resulting shapes are in their aesthetic calming and fade into an atmospheric background.

The Digital Shutter can be useful to censor parts of the program that one doesn’t wants to see - for example during advertisement and breaks, to quickly interrupt the ongoing program without totally stopping it, or even as atmospheric element to avoid the black square that becomes even more powerful when we add music to it.

With Aurore Bonami (photography) & Roman Karrer (graphic design)

Supervised by Vincent Jacquier, Angelo Benedetto, Millo Keller, Erwan Bouroullec & Samsung

Assited by Tibor Udvari

ECAL 2018